Women’s Program

Understanding gender specific treatment & trauma-informed care is key in working with women seeking recovery.

The McKinley Hall Difference

Our program places an emphasis on trauma informed care and services to the children in the care of their mothers. Services are offered in the morning and evenings to accommodate busy schedules.

Individualized treatment services are based on patient need. Ongoing focus is given to healthy relationship building skills, relapse triggers/prevention and unresolved trauma. We have staff who specialize in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and work with patients from all programs to address trauma.


Each patient has a case manager who helps her access community resources. The case manager links women to medical services, housing, transportation, childcare facilities, assistance with utilities, food and additional mental health services.

Children’s Case Manager

The Women’s Program has a Children’s Case Manager who takes care of the children while mothers are in treatment groups. This on-site service allows mothers to see their babies during breaks and are never too far away.

The Children’s Case Manager also works with school-aged children to help increase protective factors and pro-socials skills. She works closely with the school counselors and provides linkage to youth programs in Clark County.

For school-aged children, the case manager works with local providers to get them into Head Start, daycare, and extracurricular activities.

Oftentimes, parents who enter treatment have children who are experiencing emotional issues. The Children’s Case Manager makes referrals for parenting classes and family counseling.