Medication Assisted Treatment

McKinley Hall has operated a Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program since 2005.

We pride ourselves on quality services and patient retention in our MAT program. Medication accounts for about 15% of the recovery process, treatment accounts for about 50% and recovery supports account for 35%.

This program remains one of the top priorities for McKinley Hall due to the high number of fatal overdoses experienced in our community.

The MAT Process

We have a kind a caring medical staff that work with patients to help them determine the best medication fit for their situation. All patients receiving MAT services have an opportunity to choose treatment programs with other patients experiencing similar challenges and are also using medication to support their recovery efforts.

Medications offered in the MAT program include buprenorphine, long acting buprenorphine and Campral.  A little over 50% of our MAT patients are on Vivitrol and most remain on this medication for up to two years.

Patients in our MAT program have access to residential treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, case management, recovery housing, child-watch services and transportation.

With supportive services and the appropriate level of treatment, quality recovery is within reach!