Criminal Justice

The purpose of this program is to connect with individuals who are incarcerated and ensure they are linked to treatment and other needed services upon release.

The Criminal Justice Process

Participants receive assessments and begin treatment services while incarcerated. They maintain contact with a case manager who assists with facilitating them back to the community, including housing as a part of the discharge plan.

Once released, they are given assistance to help them engage in treatment. There is a full continuum of treatment options available to meet the needs of individuals returning to the community.

Whether the individual is leaving West Central Community Correctional Facility or the Clark County jail, they are either already on Vivitrol or they have completed the prerequisites to begin Vivitrol.

Additionally, we transport people from the facility directly to McKinley Hall to ensure that engagement happens on day one of their release. This process increases the likelihood of continued engagement and allows patients to get connected quickly.


In the Clark County Jail, intensive outpatient programming is offered 9 hours a week for both men and women. Intensive programming helps those incarcerated begin the process of recovery while still incarcerated.