Treatment Services

McKinley Hall offers a wide variety of drug and alcohol counseling services along with case management services.  We offer both intensive and non-intensive outpatient services and ambulatory detoxification for men and women, as well as non-medical residential treatment for men.


Outpatient services for men – 2624 Lexington Ave., Springfield, OH  45505
Residential services for men – 2624 Lexington Ave., Springfield, OH 45505
Outpatient services for women – 2624 Lexington Ave., Springfield, OH  45505
Walk-in appointments are offered Monday through Thursday, starting at 11:00am on a first come-first serve basis.

For all appointments – please be sure to bring proof of residency, identification, proof of income (if applicable) and insurance card (if applicable). (examples include: State ID or Driver’s License with current address or utility bill with name and current address)

In order to determine treatment level, you will be required to come in for an assessment.

General Services

Assessments – Assessments are conducted to gather the necessary information to provide customers with the most beneficial services plan available.  They can take up to two hours. Upon completion, the customer and the therapist will develop a treatment plan that meets the customer’s needs.

Chemical Dependency Education – Our chemical dependency group is designed for individuals who have had consequences related to their drug use, but do not have a dependency diagnosis. The program meets once a week for two hours for four weeks. It teaches about the emotional, physical and mental aspects related substance use and abuse. It also provides information and techniques to improve coping skills.


Outpatient treatment – This program consists of a combination of services that total less than 9 hours per week.  This program is typically designed for individuals who have had previous treatment and do not need intensive services and structure to assist with maintaining abstinence.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) – IOP consists of 9 hours of services or more on a weekly basis designed to provide structure and in-depth counseling and information to help clients stabilize in an outpatient setting.

Family Dependency Drug Court – McKinley Hall in conjunction with Juvenile Court and Family and Children’s Services operate a Family Dependency Drug Court Program for clients who are at risk of losing custody of their children due to their substance use.

Substance Abuse Violence Intervention (SAVI) – SAVI offers an intensive program designed specifically for domestic violence offenders with substance abuse histories.  The SAVI project’s primary goal is to reduce the incidence of domestic violence by working hand-in-hand with community social service agencies, law enforcement, domestic violence offenders, and when appropriate, their families. The treatment is certified through Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project

Criminal Justice Programs – McKinley Hall has a jail therapist and case manager located in the Clark County Jail.  Judges and probation officers rely on the therapist to accurately assess and make recommendations for treatment for those individuals who are incarcerated in the jail.  Referrals are often made directly from jail to residential treatment for both men and women.  McKinley Hall also has one therapist working within the Clark County Reentry program. Substance Abuse treatment services are provided for ex-offenders returning to Clark County to assist with facilitating a successful transition back into the community.

For programming specific to women, please click here and for programming specific to men, please click here. In addition to the services listed above, McKinley Hall offers transitional housing for women and their children. For more information regarding transitional housing call 937-328-5314 ext. 314.

Payment – Services are covered by Medicaid and many other insurance plans. Special assistance may be available for those who qualify.